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Construction Worker

Building the foundation

for the next generation

of stonework.

We believe in educating people about the benefits of real stone. We are committed to providing accurate and truthful information through education and partnership.

Real stone is durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable resource adding quality to your project.

Our video provides an in-depth look at the proposal, discussing its benefits and potential impact. Through the use of visuals and clear explanations, we hope to provide a better understanding of Real Stone 

Our Mission:






Member Benefits

We will provide you access to a network of other professionals in the stone working industry. 

Credibility and recognition: The certification provided by the Real Stone Society can serve as a mark of quality and expertise for your company.

Training and education opportunities: The Real Stone Society offers training and staffing opportunities for its members.

Advocacy and representation:

The Real Stone Society advocate for the interests of its members in the industry, providing a stronger voice for your company in matters related to regulation or policy.

Colosseum Arches
Ad Deir Petra

The Benefits of
Real Stone

The Greeks, Romans, and Mayans are three of the most celebrated civilizations in human history, and each of them has contributed significantly to the development of architectural and artistic styles. One of the defining characteristics of their cultures is the exquisite stonework that can be found in their buildings, sculptures, and other works of art many of which are still standing today.

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